Natasha von Braun was born in Moscow. From early childhood she was engaged in various types of creativity from sewing to comics, in school years she was shooting short films. She received the profession of artist-animator, also she studied cinematography and sculpture.


Recently, she had solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art (CICA Museum) in South Korea, and also participated as guest artist in the project Kunstlabor2 by the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA) in Munich.


The artist's artworks are in private collections around the world.

« As long as I can remember, I have always felt the values around me being destroyed. I have understood this well since childhood because of feelings it evoked in me - when some foundation of human relations cracks and everything collapses. And during such destructions around my little life, I learned that this was important, this was truly valuable to me, and now this is no longer there. At that time, I also learned, intuitively, but it became a very strong core even then, that we carry our values within ourselves and that, in essence, people consist of what they consider important, what they allow themselves and what they don't, way they react, way they treat other people and everything that surrounds them.

In my art, in one way or another, I reflect the same impression from my childhood. The moment when you suddenly realize how people's actions can destroy everything around you in an instant. And at the same time, this is a moment of perfect balance, the most beautiful moment of a clear understanding of real values. Only a second before everything collapses... And it echoes in your life and in the lives that will later intersect with yours.

Awareness of responsibility and comprehension of the starting points of this human, world, cosmic chain reaction, which goes very, very far, relying on intuition and dreams as a genetic and metaphysical experience - this is the basis of my artistic method.

As an artist, I see it as my creative super task to recreate this perfect moment. Stop destruction. Turn entropy towards creation. Both sculpture and installation are ideal means of expression for this, because they allow me to capture sensations in volume.

I can compare it to a huge wave that will cover you in a couple of seconds. But suddenly the wave stopped and you look at it and admire its stunning beauty. Perhaps at this very moment we understand that the world around us is not our enemy. And this artistic act of reconciliation with the outside world, including the force of nature beyond human control, carries a very powerful meaning for me as an artist »‎.