Cities. Ghosts. project by Natasha von Braun, 2013.

Ghost-towns that have completely and utterly exhausted their potential for living are abandoned by everyone. Now they find themselves somewhere in the deepest and darkest corners of human history. The inhabitants of these forgotten towns slowly fade away turning into ghosts as well. Lost and weakening they carry on wandering among deteriorating buildings. Their each and every move resembles a heart that skips a beat. Their vision gets weaker and weaker and recognises colours no more. Their fragile, almost porcelain bodies, are illuminated with intense white light radiated from ancient Suns with the shine dissolving their silhouettes. Their footsteps are rustling along the streets as if they were vague memories of dying Reason. Their voices are instantly drowning surrounded by the crumbling walls like the stones that leave no ripples on the water. What are they drawn by? What sort of simmering will guides their glances? What kind of memories make these ghosts search for something in this everlasting twilight? The ghosts’ memory is being covered by the veil of oblivion. Time flies by relentlessly destroying human memory, so only refined twisted signs and shapes, which are, nonetheless, restlessly dying out, still remain. Only doubts and evanescent shadows of the past are roaming around in the empty towns of human past. One day the foundations of the empty memories will collapse and the unkind wind will take away everything that used to represent the towns bursting with life. The inhabitants of the towns will disappear forever and only the void dissolving everything will remain. The void that’s ready to burst out again someday.

Photographer Eugenia Zalyalieva