Dalai Lama said that the fate of the world will be decided in the coming years



"I left the clinic and headed for the subway to go home. The weather was good and I decided to take a little walk. I walked along a sunny street with a few passers-by. Because of the early spring, the leaves on the trees already appeared. Nearby was one of my favorite city parks and I decided to go there.

From the speakers, instead of the usual radio, sounds came with interference. There was a new building on the island between the ponds - a large white tent for emergency medical care or hospitalization. A security guard walked lonely around the tent. Nearby, a policeman wrote a fine to a woman with a dog. A couple in love was sitting on a bench.
I wanted to relax a bit and sat on a bench under a tree. I wrote email with the idea that everything will be fine and sent it to my friend."


March 25, 2020 Moscow



Resin, mixed media. 2020

The project includes documentary materials - an interview with the Dalai Lama.