Don't make me oil



Endless green forests and hills, rocky gorges and clear cold rivers. Untouched nature in all its glory, this is a paradise for wild animals and plants. (I think that this landscape is very similar to the Urals). Crystal clear air and river noise...
But suddenly somewhere in the middle of this virgin forest there is an extinct zone with no rivers, no trees, no grass, and there is no living creature. And in the middle of this, like a scorched zone, faceless people pump oil from the depths of the earth through a black hose.

This really terrible sleep did not leave my head for several months and I decided to make a project in which I will try to convey my feelings and reflections.

When I was a very young girl, I loved spending a lot of time in the attic in my grandmother's house. At first it was a game, because in the attic you could find so many interesting things and sit there all day, getting down only for dinner and supper. Then the attic became a place where you could not only play, but also hide. I was hiding there when someone of grandmother's acquaintances сame to see her or when a local priest pay a ritual visit during the holidays. In short it was possible to hide in the attic absolutely from everyone. Then the summer was over and I, of course, had to say goodbye to the attic in order to return back in town and continue to attend school.

I've been remembering the hide and seek in the attic because I think at that time it was a way to keep my inner world. And there is a very fine line between saving inside yourself something of an important, creative, saving the pure soul and, from other side, the danger of not being able to fit into the society. After described at the beginning sleep I really thought a lot about autism in children and adults and about how truly I feel about it.

I called the project "Don’t make me oil" with thoughts about the internal and external ecologic state in the world, about how the values ​are distorted, about imposing false goals and ideas, and about the loss of the so-called pure mind.

I sincerely would like everyone to keep their original inner light and carry it through all life, whatever goals and ideals he chooses.


Mixed media, 45x30x19 cm, 20x34x21 cm, 2018