In our sleep, as we speak
Listen to the drum's beat, as we speak
In our sleep, as we speak
Listen to the drum's beat, in our sleep

Laurie Anderson


Natasha von Braun's



In some of my first dreams I saw the bull. The bull was sitting at the table in my home and was looking very Frightening. I was standing in front of him and was trembling with fear – I've never seen nothing more huge and horrible. And Like а background of that fears It was a feeling both of infinity – if I would make step towards, and of the darkness – if I would step back.
Recently I told a friend the dream about a bull to what he said: "You saw Zeus".

From little up I have been seeing symbolic dreams. For some time I wasn't differing where was a sleep and where was a reality, but in length of time I had been learned always to talk to myself: “Just now It had been a dream, but at the moment is starting of the reality”. What exactly I accepted for a dream and what for reality at present it's hard to recall, but in so connection my story was started.

This project consists of a few dreams, which I have saw in 2016, including the compilation of dreams about the Apocalypse that I'd been seeing in a lot of variations during 2009.

It is very intimate project. As an artist I express myself and my own world outlook by certain way. In this project my vision of world is presented both in two reality.


A dream about an orange procession

There is a wide deserted road on the border of China and Japan on both sides surrounded by mountains. Suddenly an unusual profession is appearing from far. All the coming are dressed in long bright orange robes embellished with stones. With a confident step they move as if floating on the ground. The procession has been passing and the sun sets following it. Their leaving silhouettes are visible in the background of the last rays of the sun.

Dreamt on the night of March 2016.

Mixed media

Size of 100 cm.


A dream about Veruschka artstudio

There is Veruschka’s  studio in Germany where she lives and works. It is a large brick house with ceilings in height not less than 10 meters and with a spacious balcony. Whole this space is littered with various things that serve as props. Veruschka is working with models together with several assistants and photographers. She is pulling something out of the mountain of dresses, putting  it on the model, Illuminators  are directing  light and photographers are taling picrures.  At the moment we can see the resulting images – it is very good. All of this including the a huge studio-house, the heaps of different things and dresses, the fashion models and the photographers  it looks like some kind of sanctuary where with one stroke Veruschka creates new images.
Dreamed in May 2016
Mixed media

Size of 105 cm.


A dream about a meeting with Vlad Monroe

The first dream

On the Bali island Vlad Monroe is walking along the ocean. The waves are very close to the shore. The sky is closing with clouds and the wind is increasing, but he goes further looking afar in front of him.

The second dream

Someone is going to publish a book which will include memories of all people who have ever known or met Vlad Mamyshev-Monroe. Someone asks me to write down the impression of meeting with him that occurred in the previous dream. This work is essentially the impression.

Dreamed in May 2016

Mixed media

Size of 110 cm.


A dream about a fat boy

The haggard fat boy. Can walk very hardly. Falls asleep on the go. Someone is  talking me about him that this boy is in the last stage of incarnation, he is last time In the human physical body. That because it’s difficult for him to walk and he is alone — there is nothing has held him and connected with  this world..

Dreamed in July 2016
Mixed media

Size of 60 cm.


A dream about they had found me
Someone kidnap me and is telling about  that they have been looking for me for a long time for to return here at the place which in fact  is  my real home and which I rule like a queen. They are telling  that I have escaped from here and forgotten it all for nine times and they always have to look for me again and return. They are asking me to draw a face with diamond eyes. I'm drawing and no one has and even had some doubts that they were looking for exactly me. They are leading me to the room. On the table there are glasses with a solution for soap bubbles and accessories for drawing. The large screen is broadcasting how everyone is happy to the return of Natasha and is preparing to celebration. I'm home.

Dreamed in July 2016
Mixed media

Size of 70 cm.