Freedom to isolation



Inside the large cube there are blue balls. Filled with air they can leave the space of the cube and fly up at any moment, but they remain within conditional limits, choosing a static existence.

Next to the chair is a body made of blue deflated balloons. Balls without air lose their meaning and serve as just a shell. The blown balloons creature is watching the movie "James Bond." This is a film about a superman, about an ideal. Likewise we often look through the screen at the eventful life of successful people and prefer not to use ourselves internal resources, just staying in a chair or on the couch and choosing personal passivity.


The project explores the problem of freedom and isolation of contemporary human for whom the virtual world has almost completely replaced reality. People no longer use their resources as before, there is no need to remember the information and fully live every day. It is enough to create visibility by writing something on Facebook or post a photo on instagram, and feel the satisfaction of it, while remaining in a comfortable framework. Such existence in turn shapes a new identity in the era of post-Internet and globalization. And more and more often we have the question: how to dispose of new freedoms and opportunities?


Mix media; TV, metal, balloons, 100 x 200 x 200 cm, 2018