Great Barrier Reef



This incredibly beautiful place in Australia is home to numerous species of marine animals and plants. The view from space also makes a strong impression of this place on our planet.

But now the Reef is under threat and rare species are on the verge of extinction. The reason for this is largely the rising temperature of ocean caused by global warming. Human.

Why did I call this series of work the Great Barrier Reef? We live in a world of diversity and many things we encounter are not like us. Instead of accepting this rich and diverse world, we are trying to subjugate it. We label other people and phenomena, and try to control what we don't want to accept as having a right to exist. And, as a result, we lose control over our resources, irretrievably squandering the wealth of this world.

I find these works as visually tasty as they are personal. Perhaps the most correct perception will be the feeling like a part of these images.





Chinese H 30 x W 33 x D 16 cm

Black H 29 x W 27 x D 17 cm

Hands H 24 x W 17 x D 8 cm