Hotel California



Once, when I was in elementary school, my family received humanitarian aid from abroad. Such boxes were received by all families with several children. There was a pack of milk powder and a large, long jar of ham.
My mother opened this jar and immediately forbade us to eat it.
My grandmother lived in a country house. There were cats and dogs. So, the dog also did not eat that ham from the humanitarian aid parcel.

This spring, during quarantine, I often listened to the radio. Mostly a scientific fm. But one day, suddenly, from the radio sounded song Hotel California by Eagles. I haven't heard this song for many years. This immediately caused some associations.
For example, the youth of my parents and parties of those old years. I was thinking about what all those people could feel at that time. And I remembered the events of my childhood in Moscow as a consequence of what everything eventually came to.

Somehow, everything connected in one image.


Mixed media

W 60 x D 70 x H 100 cm