Midnight Swim


 ( post-virus fairytale )



At midnight, the magic goes away and the carriage turns into a pumpkin…



The party is over. All the food was eaten, the wine was drunk, and the guests fell asleep on the chairs…

Midnight as an intermediate state, when the time comes to reflect on what has been done and what needs to be done.


How relevant is our lifestyle to the time? We live about the same values that our parents lived, although times have changed. Is it relevant now to live according to the principle “the main thing is to have prosperity and health”? By what means do we seek these goals?


One of the guiding threads of this project is the urgent need to reconsider some of the principles on which our society is still based. But the main issue is not the precariousness of these structures, but what conclusions we will draw and on what new principles we will build our post-virus future.




Ceramic, mixed media, table, wine glasses

H 81 x W 100 x D 60 cm