Odysseus is not here



The space is like a mystery of human existence, the goals of which are vague and not subject to us. To overcome the fear of space travel it means to abandon the old vision of the world and obtain a new consciousness, a new form of personality and to draw nearer to the Gods.


What does Odysseus' wandering look like now? What obstacles can lie in wait in a world where everything has become available? In the world where a person having arrived to any point Of the globe can quickly navigate through the standardized pointers. Or would modern Odysseus prefer escapism and a journey into virtual reality?


Will Odysseus be able to return home, will he want to come back?


These questions apply equally to contemporary artists. How valuable is the creative individuality today? Or it is necessary to always learn from other people's experience, following the comfort navigation.


This project is about how internationalism by its continuous cultural exchange replaces exactly the creative activity. How it sometimes hinders the development of direct perception of the world, closing the artist in an endless search for the newest means of expression, but depriving the cosmos.


Clothes and things of Odysseus, chair, tablet, smartphone, video made by the author, projector, video of the starry sky, 200 x 200 x 200 cm, 2018