Snegurki (Snow Maidens)


The sculptures contain a mythological sense and archetypal human ideas. The project name was chosen no coincidence. Snegurochka (verbatim - Snowgirl, Snow-maiden) is the heroine of the famous Russian folk tale. The project includes three female sculpture images having a cold "winter" beauty "Winter Sun", "Winter Night" and "Winter Morning".
Snegurki is the embodiment of fragile feminine beauty, inappreciable variability, transience and facets.
 The combination of sculpture and joint elements allows you to expand the perception of images due to the ability to change the position of the hands and head.
Half-naked images of Snow Maidens (Snegurki) reflects a natural essence and are designed to express the pagan physic beauty, by emphasizing the harmony of the female body.


Plastic (flumo), mixed media, wood, H with a headdress about 75 cm,  2015