Spring on black


The world is changing, but the change of seasons is still happening.

In dark times, when the whole world is shaken by conflict and imminent climate change, when life becomes so stressful, people need a blooming, hopeful spring more than ever.

But will spring come where there is almost no hope left and the land is empty?

With this project, I try to express all my artist's desire for spring. On the planet, in hearts and minds.


A dream I had while working on this project: A large forest was turned into a lifeless building area. Huge ancient trees lie felled. Nearby, people are burning garbage.

But there is still an uncut area of nature where squirrels live and fruit trees grow. Ripe pears on the branches remind us that nature is still alive and the cycles of the seasons take their course. But how long will this last?..


Ceramics, branches, fabric