Tao of Love



The leitmotif of this work is time. In our lives many things happen unpredictably and chaotically. We may think that it is fate or our will, or a meaningless coincidence.

Most people have a not easy life full of difficulties, obstacles overcoming and noviciates. They make mistakes, learn from mistakes, and make mistakes again. They might be desperate, but something makes them move on – a mysterious inner goal directs their path.

And no matter how difficult or easy life may be, time, like a wind, will take away everything. The wind will blow away all the fortune and failures, desires, memories and faces, leaving nothing except for the highest goal, except the Tao.


In the work are used: art objects, porcelain ware developed and made by the author, textiles, 200x180x200 cm, 2018


Photo - film, camera Zenit