The Song Of Solomon



Every day we take out of the home part of our personal space with household garbage. Thousands photos that were not required to be took. Thousands of words that were better not to say.

I feel that now more than ever it is necessary to be quiet. The planet is crowded with human activity. We can no longer sleep at night because of road noise, we cannot stay in silence in the park because the people around speak loudly. Soon there will be no patch of land that someone will have not photographed.

Perhaps people should add a container for another type of modern trash. For something what people used to keep in their hearts. Now it’s the turn of the sacred. Have you seen how people take photos in temples of various religions and share pictures? Religion is a superstar. Love is a superstar.

We all want to be unique and all the time declare this. We have become so loud that we get tired of each other and of ourselves, emptying ourselves and others (choose the container with the desired mark yourself).

But even in this continuously growing landfill, you can still find clean space. If you want to.


Resin, mixed media, 2019

H 171 x D 200  x W 200 cm